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Say goodbye to the era of skin care and medicine: the health revolution brought by natural spice oil

Released: 2018-06-06 Read: 919

"Women are pleasing to others", women will invest a lot of energy and spend a lot of thoughts on their own looks and maintenance. And nowadays more and more women give up all kinds of brand skin care cosmetics and choose natural spice oil to maintain skin, beauty and beauty, but also triggered a "health and beauty revolution."

Although the skin care cosmetics have a good cosmetic effect, there are hidden dangers and defects due to the adverse effects of the chemical components contained in the body. In recent years, incidents of skin and body damage caused by the use of cosmetic cosmetics have become commonplace. Because of this, many female friends who love beauty and health are focused on the natural spice oil. Natural flavor oil is directly extracted from plants; in addition to the beauty and skin care effects that are worthy of praise, it also has more important functions such as refreshing, refreshing and pain relief. Therefore, natural flavor oil is not only used by women, it also has great appeal to men.

There is a demand for the market. While natural spice oils are constantly favored and welcomed by the domestic people, many natural flavor oil producers have sprung up and popped up the industry. However, it is worth noting that the production of natural flavor oil is also of a high standard - a more intuitive performance is the leading domestic spice oil company Ji'an City billion oil oil company ( can create myths in the market Many companies that were established at the same time have closed down because of unrecognized products.

The reporter learned that the recent launch of natural borneol, natural wintergreen oil, natural camphor powder and other products by Ji'an Wanyi Company has once again set off a wave of natural fragrance oils, both in physical stores and online sales. “The fragrance is pure and pleasant, and it has a good effect on the body. This is the main reason why consumers like these products.” A dealer told reporters, “We have been buying from trillions, their spices and essential oils are of good quality and good reputation. The price is also very reasonable and very attractive to consumers."

In the domestic spice oil industry, Ji'an Wanyi ( will attract industry attention every time. A person in charge of the company recently said in an interview with many media: "The several fragrance oil products we launched this time are carefully developed. For example, natural borneol can be smashed, simmered and smashed; natural wintergreen oil It can relieve pain; natural camphor powder can be refreshing, antiseptic and insect-repellent, etc. Of course, their efficacy in beauty and skin care can not be underestimated, and their own fragrance can also bring a feeling of sympathy to users and families. These fragrance oil products can It is said that it has the functions of skin care products, cosmetics, perfumes and medicines, and because it is green and natural, it is very suitable for human body use."

Beauty and beauty, body-building, rickets and benefits, these natural advantages have prompted the era of natural fragrance oil has quietly arrived. Natural essential oils such as natural borneol, wintergreen oil and camphor powder will gradually enter the life of the general public and become an indispensable item for people.