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Released: 2018-06-06 Read: 1127

Established in 2005, Ji'中文字幕42页|午夜福到在线100集|日日更新., Ltd. produces and sells various kinds of raw materials such as spice oil. The main products are: more than 100 products such as eucalyptus, which are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and America, etc. Praised by domestic and foreign manufacturers.

The company has modern laboratories, production plants, and a group of scientific and technological talents with strong research and development capabilities and rich experience in production and practice, and has established good technical cooperation relations with many universities and research institutes in China. Continuously launch high-tech products and introduce and transfer high-tech projects. Focusing on the future, the company aims at international operation, based on the domestic market, and strives to open up the international market. It is gradually forming a new pattern of research, development, production, sales and technical services. Strictly control the quality of the products, and have a higher ability to develop some new products according to customer needs. Based on the tenet of "customer first", the company will develop and produce quality assurance and market competitive products for customers with integrity, enthusiasm and serious attitude, and strive to establish the company into a company. We look forward to working with you.